Share Your Special Day

Believe it or not, many kind people prefer to have money donated to a good cause for their birthday, civil ceremony, wedding, or another big event, rather than receiving gifts! If you contact The Sussex Beacon before your event, we can help ensure that your collection goes as smoothly as possible.

Below are a few things we can do to aid you and your guests to donate whilst you celebrate; please contact us for more information.

We provide collection tins and buckets!

We can provide collection tins and buckets that you can use at your celebration to collect money for The Sussex Beacon; we can even collect them after the event and return them to The Sussex Beacon for counting. One less thing to worry about! All you have to do is rattle them, shake them, or tell your guests where the collection points are.

We can help you help your guests to donate online

Through Just Giving we are able to take donations online and can streamline this so that donations in lieu of presents go as smoothly as possible. We can then acknowledge your fundraising total after your event to ensure that you and your guests are appropriately thanked for your and their generosity. Send the link out in your thank you emails and keep the positive vibe flowing!

We can supply pop-up donation stands

We have a range of different branded materials that can be used at your event to spread awareness about people living with HIV; we have banners, display boards, and leaflets all ready to be delivered to your event. Help challenge HIV stigma and raise awareness of the Sussex Beacon’s work with a pop-up donation area on a table-top at your party – all your friends will wish they thought of it first!

Get in touch!

Please contact us to discuss how you can help support The Sussex Beacon. And thank you for thinking of us whilst planning your event!