Positive Living Programme

Positive Living at The Sussex Beacon

On This Page: Wellbeing Groups & Mindfulness plus referral, and Positive Fitness Class plus referral

We offer mindfulness and wellbeing courses and a weekly Positive Fitness class, for people living with HIV across Sussex.

Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness practice and techniques have been recognised across the world and have helped thousands of people to manage difficulties that they may be experiencing such as anxiety, depression / low mood and chronic pain.

Our Mindfulness courses offers ways of living with more ease and awareness, even in difficult times. We offer monthly continuation sessions once you have completed the full course, which helps to maintain and encourage practice and offer peer support.

Our introductory sessions, before a full course, will introduce novices to the principles and practice of Mindfulness.

We also aim to run at least 1 course for partners and carers of people living with HIV, upon request.

What will you learn?

Throughout the courses you will learn the key factors of Mindfulness practice. This practice encourages us to be aware of what is going on within us in the present moment – in our bodies, our thoughts and our feelings – and help to free us from our habitual ways of being, thinking and reacting to the world around us – ways that often do not serve us very well.

Who runs the course?

The Sussex Beacon Mindfulness course is run by Judy Lewis. Judy has been a mindfulness practitioner for over twenty years. Having benefited in many ways from the understandings and practices of mindfulness in her own life, she brings a strong commitment to making mindfulness practices accessible to everyone who wants to explore ways that may help them live with more ease, awareness and fulfilment.

How can I start?

To find out when our next course starts, please get in touch with Hattie Yannaghas, Health Management Team:

Call 01273 694222 or email hattie.yannaghas@Sussexbeacon.org.uk


Please click here to complete an online referral form for our Women and Families, Peer Mentoring, Day Service, or Mindfulness or Wellbeing courses.

Wellbeing Workshops

Our wellbeing courses offer opportunities to learn new skills in a safe, supportive and social setting with your peers. They have ranged from creative writing, to chocolate making to creative workshops.  Please follow This Link to see what’s coming up.

Positive Fitness Class

Exercise and active living can improve our physical and emotional health and help build our resilience and confidence.

The Positive Fitness Class is a physiotherapy supervised group based on individualised exercises and educational support with HIV, general health and physical activity.

The classes are weekly for 1.5 hours at the Sussex Beacon, where we transform our Day Room into a fitness studio! The session include individualised exercise programme as well health talks and peer support.

The purpose of these classes and support sessions is to help address the physical, mental and social health related challenges associated with HIV, medication side effects, complex health needs and ageing.

Application and Referrals

Upon receipt of referral you will be offered an assessment to help determine the exercise you can do in the class and establish some practical goals.

Please ask your GP or HIV consultant to fill in our on-line referral form below or download a Copy of the Referral Form.

Note: you may self refer but please be aware that you will need to discuss this with our GP or Consultant before starting the class.

Positive Fitness Referral

  • Client Information

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  • Reason for Referral

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If not relevant to the referrer, has the service user checked with their Consultant or GP or relevant medical professional, that they are fit to take part in this programme or current referrer? If not please make the service user aware that they will need to do this before taking part.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to talk discuss your referral.

Please contact Hattie Yannaghas, Senior Project Coordinator, Health Management Team

01273 694222 or Hattie.yannaghas@Sussexbeacon.org.uk

The Sussex Beacon’s Positive Living Programme is supported by the Rainbow Fund.