Casework Support

The Sussex Beacon provides specialist Casework Support for people living with HIV in Sussex.

We can offer you one to one advice on matters that may be affecting you right now, or which you worry may affect you in the future.

As someone living with HIV, you can talk to a Caseworker on any issue that may concern you and they will advise, signpost or advocate on your behalf.

The Casework Support we offer is flexible, regularly reviewed and tailored for individual needs. We can provide home visits where possible in Sussex, otherwise this service is facilitated at The Sussex Beacon.

Our Casework provides a safe space to talk and can address numerous issues related to living with HIV.

These include:

  • Long term management support to live well with HIV including advice to help navigate necessary routes, plus improve confidence to manage daily challenges around healthcare.
  • Support with emotional and mental health needs. We will listen, support and, where appropriate, refer to other professionals.
  • Information around HIV and related issues.
  • Communication around health issues with family, within the workplace or with health professionals.
  • Support with social issues including housing, finances, immigration and employment.
  • Peer support with trained volunteers also living HIV who can offer confidential support.
  • Concerns within the home e.g. domestic violence.
  • Referrals, signposting and care coordination. We work closely with HIV clinic and community teams.

Get in Touch

To find out more, please contact the Health Management Team.

Call: 01273 694 222 or email Hattie:

To make a referral for Casework Support, please fill in a referral form here.

Referrals can be made by individuals or professionals.