Donate In Memory of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away, many people choose to celebrate their life by helping a charity which supports people who that person cared strongly about.

When someone dies there is so much to think about. If you feel that your loved one would prefer donations to The Sussex Beacon instead of (or as well as) flowers at their parting ceremony, there are several ways we can help you plan this, through a funeral director, or directly with you. You may even wish to hold a collection for your loved one at their farewell gathering; if so please get in touch so we can help make this as stress-free and positive as possible for you. If you use social media or your loved one did, we can help you share a special link so people can donate specifically in memory of your loved one.

There are other ways we can help you donate in memory:


The Sussex Beacon is registered with the online gift in memoriam collection service – love2donate, which partners up with funeral directors to ensure that in memoriam collections go as smoothly as possible.

Love2donate also offer a dedicated online service that establishes a web page for the person who has passed away, where tributes can be written and donations can be made on behalf whichever charity is nominated by the next of kin. The page stays online to serve as a commemorative page for the individual, and to show how much money has been donated to charitable causes in their memory.

Cheques at a funeral service

Most funeral organisers are happy to take cheques on behalf of a charity and then mail them out as a part of your loved one’s funeral package. Your loved one’s chosen funeral director will be able to inform you or your their next of kin as to whether or not they provide this service. They will advise you about how to let people who will be attending the ceremony know in advance that they can donate to The Sussex Beacon on the day if they wish to.

Donate in memory directly

You can also donate directly in memory of a loved one by clicking here, or by posting us a cheque. We care about the Beacon community, and would love to hear about why you are donating, and to email or write to you to say thank you and let you know how your gift will continue to help others in memory of your loved one. But if you would rather not share your reasons we of course respect your wishes. If you’d like to notify us in advance about a gift in memoriam; to ensure that collected donations are grouped together for a certain individual, please contact us.

You can read more about how a donation in memory of a loved one will help people living with HIV here.