Referring to the IPU

The Sussex Beacon Inpatient Unit offers 7 categories of care and support provided by our HIV specialist team. All referrals include a pre-admission assessment; where the aims and objectives for admission will be discussed and a plan of care will be agreed by the client and the assessing nurse. All admissions include an individualised plan of care that incorporate health promotion opportunities and maximise self-management.

1. Continuing care

The Sussex Beacon Inpatient Unit provides continuing care to patients living with HIV requiring acute admission; support adjusting to a new diagnosis (HIV or other conditions); help managing long term conditions and frailty; step-up care; support maintaining self-management; monitoring for patients with ongoing unresolved issues; and physical, psychological and emotional support around ageing and frailty. Acute admission includes post-operative convalescence and nursing support for patients who no longer need input from an acute hospital setting but still require nursing intervention.

2. Crisis prevention

Providing a safe and supportive environment for patients living with HIV who are vulnerable to and at risk of deteriorating ill-health due to their social, economic and psychological circumstances. This type of admission enables other healthcare professionals involved in the individuals care to intervene and plan a package of care that supports the immediate and longer term needs of the patient.

3. Mental health support

We provide support and care to patients living with HIV with new or ongoing mental ill-health, including crisis management and support reducing social isolation.

4. Medication

Providing support for patients living with HIV starting or restarting antiretrovirals or other medications to promote adherence and control symptoms.

5. Drug and alcohol detox programme

A planned two-week admission for patients living with HIV, for a drug and alcohol detox which includes a signed contract between the nursing team and the patient.

6. High dependency care

Our specialist team provide care for people living with HIV presenting with a number of highly complex nursing and medical needs requiring multidisciplinary care.

7. Palliative and end of life care

The Sussex Beacon team provides a holistic and client focuses approach to support end of life, including support for patients receiving palliative interventions, symptom management and advance care planning.

Brighton & Hove

The Sussex Beacon works in partnership with multisector organisations within Brighton and Hove providing care and support for people living with HIV. These include Community HIV Services, Lawson Unit, Mental Health Teams, THT, Lunch Positive, Peer Mentors, Pavilions and The Sussex Beacon Health Management Service. This multi-disciplinary approach promotes individualised case management and care planning that supports people to maintain health, ‘live well’ and develop self-management skills.

Make a referral

We are funded by the NHS for patients living in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex. For patients outside of these areas please contact us on 01273 694222.

To make a referral to The Sussex Beacon Inpatient Unit, please click here for our online secure form and contact details.

Download the Reasons for Referral PDF here.

Download the Reasons for Referral PDF (Brighton & Hove specific) here.