Thursday 3rd August: Pan-Asian restaurant wagamama has extended its London campaign #makeitrainbow to celebrate Brighton & Hove Pride this weekend.

The day’s profits from wagamama bun sales (now selling an average of 1,000,000 yearly) will be donated to local charity, The Sussex Beacon, every time a rainbow is spotted in the sky above the seaside destination, from 4th August.

Rain falls an average of 115 days a year on the South Coast and wagamama is calling on the Brighton community to help spot rainbows to unlock the donation by tweeting a picture with the hashtag #makeitrainbow.

To ensure the charity benefits whatever the weather and in case we enjoy 365 days of sunshine on the South Coast (unlikely), wagamama is committed to donating a minimum of £2,500 to The Sussex Beacon, aiding its important work to support people living with HIV.

The Sussex Beacon is at the heart of Brighton’s LGBT+ community, providing specialist care and promoting independence for people living with HIV. wagamama has always internally championed inclusiveness, acceptance and diversity since its launch, its public facing ‘no clone’ hiring policy has always encouraged colleagues to embrace who they are without conforming to a stereotype.

Head of Marketing at wagamama, Andre Johnstone said: “wagamama has always supported its staff when it comes to Pride across the UK but we have wanted to do more publicly to support the LGBT+ community in previous years.

I’m pleased we can expand our support following the success of London Pride and make a wider commitment to the community outside the capital to throw our support behind those who struggle to be who they are.  We are who we are and we want you to just be you. What better way to ramp up our continued support and celebrate Pride than by backing a vitally important charity such as The Sussex Beacon.”

Sussex Beacon, Simon Dowe has said; “The Sussex Beacon has been at the heart of HIV support in the Brighton community since 1991 and we are proud to be associated with wagamama as they look to further embed themselves in Brighton.  Big brands normally support big causes and it’s a credit to wagamama to be a brand in the local area supporting local people.  Make sure to tag a rainbow folks.”

National Treasure, Michael Fish MBE said: “A rainbow is a beautiful meteorological phenomenon caused by light being refracted in water droplets. It is impossible to predict just how many will occur in a specific time period, but British weather being what it is makes the UK a great place to spot a rainbow. This Pride campaign really does prove the adage correct: there is a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow.”

Brighton + Hove Pride is a great platform for everyone in the local community to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for the freedoms that will allow them to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing. This year hundreds of thousands of people will visit Brighton to support Pride and show unity in support of the LGBT+ community.

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