The Sussex Beacon awarded £4,350 at The Rainbow Fund Awards

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We applied for funds to buy essential equipment for the treatment room in our inpatient unit. The treatment room is where the medicine and specialist equipment that patients will need during their stay at The Sussex Beacon is stored.

The room is used on a daily basis by nurses to do activities such as preparing a trolley for doing a patient’s dressing or preparing controlled drugs to administer to patients. It also acts as a central storage area for emergency equipment.

The equipment that we will be able to purchase with this grant money will help to improve patient care in three key areas:

1. It will allow us to fully access patients’ mobility and independence and utilize the skills and knowledge of our occupational therapy and physiotherapy services.

2. It will enhance the standard of care provided to our patients by giving nurses the equipment they need to administer specialist procedures such as IV medications and fluids. This will allow patients to return to independent living. It will also provide patients with the care and comfort they deserve during end of life care.

3. Finally, the equipment will make sure that we have a treatment room that is fit for purpose, meets clinical standards and allows for the delivery of safe care in a modern environment.

The current treatment room is functional but not fit for purpose. Some of the equipment has broken over time and there has not been the funding to replace it. Other items have not been needed until now, for example, drip stands so that nurses can administer IV medications and fluids.

Patients who are being admitted to The Sussex Beacon have very different needs to when the centre first opened. Their treatment is becoming increasingly complex and many are highly dependent. This is mainly due to the progression of their HIV, the impact of ageing and changes in our patients’ health and social status.

In thanks for this grant, a plaque will be put on the door of the treatment room and it will be named ‘The Rainbow Fund Treatment Room’. Receiving the award on the night were an assortment of volunteers and staff from The Sussex Beacon, including Chief Executive, Simon Dowe, and newly appointed Lead Nurse, Jason Warriner.

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The Sussex Beacon would like to say a very big thank you to all those at The Rainbow Fund and Pride who made the awarding of these funds possible. This money is a vital part of the over £2 million that we need to raise every year in order to continue providing our much-needed services to the community.

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