Sleep Service

The Sleep service is aimed at improving the sleep of people who are HIV+ve.











Who is the service for?

The service is for people who:

  • Have been diagnosed HIV +ve and experiencing sleep difficulties for at least one month or longer.
  • Are taking sleeping tablets and wish to stop. The doctor who prescribes your sleeping tablets will be contacted and requested to manage the reduction of these.
  • People who are taking Efavirenz and experiencing sleep difficulties.


What does the service offer?

The broad aim of the service is to offer structured sessions so that we can identify what factors are contributing to your sleep problem and then identify ways of helping alleviate sleep difficulties.

The initial appointment will be an assessment of your sleep difficulties, where you can also ask the practitioner any questions you may have. At the end of the sleep assessment a new appointment will be arranged with you for the sleep work to begin.


How to be referred into the service

If you are interested in accessing this service please contact the Sussex Beacon Outpatient Services Team direct on: 01273 645695 or e-mail us by clicking here.

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