Positive Choices

When it comes to big choices such as when to start or stop taking antiretroviral medication the stakes are high and decision-making can feel like being trapped in a maze.









What does the service offer?

Our aim is to provide a safe, caring space where the client and practitioner explore any indecisions and uncertainties around treatment choices.

We do this by offering structure and regular sessions - weekly or fortnightly.

The overall aim is to work together on coming to the right decision for you.


What some of our clients say

“I can’t completely describes what happens - I just know that after each session I’ve uncovered a bit more of the jigsaw...Which as strange as it sounds really helps me feel in control again.”

“It’s good to know that I can talk and someone helps me make sense of it all.”

“I feel safe and supported. I sometimes feel I let the doctors and nurses down by not taking my meds. - Through coming here I now know that I don’t have to feel that way - I’m learning to voice my choices better.”


How to be referred into the service

If you are interested in accessing this service please contact the Sussex Beacon Outpatient Services Team direct on: 01273 645695 or e-mail us by clicking here.

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