Leave a lasting gift

Why make a Will?

Making a Will is a secure way to ensure your loved ones are provided for and that your wishes are carried out after your death. If you have not made a Will, and/or are not married or in a civil partnership, your whole estate will pass to your family, not your partner on your death.

After you have provided for your loved ones we hope you will consider remembering The Sussex Beacon in your Will.

Why leave a gift in your Will to The Sussex Beacon?

Remembering The Sussex Beacon in your Will is a lasting gift, it will ensure that now and in the future, people living with HIV will be cared for and supported.
Gifts in Wills are essentials for the future care of the increasing numbers of those newly diagnosed with HIV. They also allow us to plan services for those living into old age with HIV.

The importance of Gifts in Wills to our work.

It costs us over £1.8 million per year to maintain our current service levels. Although the government currently funds 50% of our work, we still need to meet the challenge of making up the shortfall through fundraising. We also have no guarantee that government funding will remain at these levels. Gifts in Wills will help us to secure our future.

Here are just a few examples of how we could use your gift:
£500 = an electric reclining chair to support patients with mobility difficulties
£1,000 = syringe driver - bringing effective pain relief for end of life care
£2,500 = a portable hoist for immobile patients
£3,500 = an electric hospital bed

Larger sums will help towards the cost of specialist inpatient care.  Our skilled nurses provide compassionate care to more than 200 inpatients every year.
£10,000 = will fund one seriously ill person’s inpatient nursing care for a month
£50,000 = will fund one seriously ill person’s inpatient nursing care for 6 months

What we do

We support and care for people affected by HIV. We are one of only two clinical centres of their kind in England, caring for over 300 men and women living with HIV each year.
We care for the seriously ill in our ten bed Inpatient Unit; and improve the health of those living with HIV via our Outpatient Services.

What our service users say:

"It's a backbone really, a beautiful haven where people can live and die with dignity and I for one would be lost without it."

"At The Sussex Beacon you're part of a group of people all in the same boat. No one's judging you, no one's condemning you. The support I've has is absolutely unbelievable."

What to do next?

Download our Guide to making a Will. This will give you information about making or changing a Will, the kind of gifts you can make and details on inheritance tax. We also provide a checklist of what to consider before visiting a solicitor.

Please let us know your intentions if you are planning to leave us a gift in your Will. Letting us know means we can thank you properly and can keep you updated on our progress. It also allows us to plan the services we need to provide so that we can continue to care for those affected by HIV.

As a Will is a legally binding document we highly recommend the use of a solicitor. Any mistakes may mean that your wishes will not be carried out as you intended.


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