Inpatient Unit

The Inpatient Unit, registered as an independent hospital, are designed to provide both clinical and therapeutic care to each client dependent on need.

The aims and wishes of the client are central to the design of such programmes. Our approach to care is one that focuses on empowering people to manage their own health with appropriate levels of support.


Treatment support

We generally offer a one to two week admission for those clients initiating new therapies, providing specialist advice and support around potential side effects and lifestlye adjustments, aiming to facilitate individual decision making and empowerment.

In addition to this we also offer admissions to those clients on established anti-retroviral regimes who are experiencing side effects or requiring lifestyle support. We also offer support to those clients involved in clinical drug trials.


Medical convalescence

We provide convalescent care following severe/acute illness and hospitalisation, including support following surgery. In addition, we can provide rehabilitation admissions for those clients who are experiencing general deterioration of health.


Monitoring and maintenance of health

We provide support around a variety of health related issues, including those relating to drug and alcohol use and a wide range of mental health conditions. In addition to this we provide support and education for those with a recent HIV diagnosis, as well as ongoing support and education around a number of HIV related issues.


Palliative and terminal care

We offer palliative care for clients experiencing a wide range of symptoms, with an emphasis on optimum quality of life for the individual. Palliative and terminal care also focuses on the spiritual, psychological and cultural needs of the individual and those close to them.



A wide range of respite care is available. Low dependency respite is available for clients who live outside of the Sussex area, and for whom time away from their normal environment is an important factor in the management of their health.

High dependency respite is available for any clients with complex care needs, including those with HIV related brain impairment and other conditions resulting in cognitive impairment. High dependency care packages can include escorted social trips in and around the local area.


Accessing the service

It is not possible for clients to self refer, however we welcome enquiries, please use the link to the right. All referrals must come from a health care provider/professional.




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