Peer support

Our Peer Support service is for all people living with HIV. Peer support takes place between people with similar experiences and we have seen the difference that it can make to people’s wellbeing. Peer support has been proven to be an effective way to help people live well with HIV, manage their lives, and to feel part of a community.

Peer Support takes place between people with similar experiences. And all our peer supporters are people who are living with HIV. All Peer Supporters have completed training and are getting ongoing support in order to carry out their role in supporting you. They are committed to helping reduce feelings of stigma and isolation in other people living with HIV.

We offer one to one and group support, here at The Sussex Beacon and in the community. We aim to listen to what your needs are and will try to match you with Peer Supporters who can help identify ways to support you and help you move on with your life.

For information on our next peer support events on February 9th, 10th, and 12th, 2018, click here.


• Sharing of experiences and information
• Emotional and practical support
• Empowerment for you to take control of your health & wellbeing
• Help to reduce isolation and build confidence and resilience

The British HIV Association recognises that people living with HIV should be enabled to maximise self-management of their physical and mental health, their social and economic wellbeing and to optimise peer support opportunities (BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV, 2013).