Mindfulness courses

Mindfulness practice and techniques have been recognised across the world and have helped thousands of people to manage difficulties that they may be experiencing such as anxiety, depression / low mood and chronic pain.

What courses do you run?

Our short, introductory courses introduce novices to the principles and practice of Mindfulness.

Our nine-week Mindfulness course offers ways of living with more ease and awareness, even in difficult times.

What do the courses cover?

Throughout the courses you will learn the key factors of Mindfulness practice. This practice encourages us to be aware of what is going on within us in the present moment – in our bodies, our thoughts and our feelings – and help to free us from our habitual ways of being, thinking and reacting to the world around us – ways that often do not serve us very well.

Who runs the course?

The Sussex Beacon Mindfulness course is run by Judy Lewis. Judy has been a mindfulness practitioner for over twenty years. Having benefited in many ways from the understandings and practices of mindfulness in her own life, she brings a strong commitment to making mindfulness practices accessible to everyone who wants to explore ways that may help them live with more ease, awareness and fulfilment.


1. Living with more ease and awareness, even in difficult times.
2. Accepting ourselves as we are, without judgement.
3. Having more choice in how we respond to the events of our lives, whatever happens.
4. Learning ways to manage and cope with difficult feelings.