Schools and colleges


The Sussex Beacon values education on HIV, and issues affecting those living with HIV; we believe that educating future generations will go a long way to helping us achieve zero new infections of HIV in Sussex.

Schools and colleges can also provide a much-needed stream of revenue by putting on non-uniform days and other fundraisers. Also, our leadership team are able to give presentations and talks if requested and given adequate time.

World AIDS Day

One of the biggest days of the year for The Sussex Beacon is World AIDS Day, a day which recognises how far the world has come since the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s and remembers the events which have passed since then. Our leadership team are happy to give presentations and talks around the day, and we are happy to help facilitate non-school uniform days, or other fundraising activities, in aid of The Sussex Beacon.

Other fundraising

In 2015, we engaged in a project with BHASVIC, which involved giving students £10 and seeing how enterprising they could be in their fundraising efforts of trying to increase that £10 by as much as possible in aid of The Sussex Beacon. If you’re a school or college and you like this idea or have another idea to pitch, please contact us and our dedicated team will be happy to help you develop your idea.


There are many occasions throughout the year when we need to recruit volunteers on a temporary basis; we can also offer work experience positions given a thorough brief and discussion of students’ needs. These work experience volunteer placements are regularly taken up by international students who would like to be placed in a customer service role to improve their spoken English. Brighton College, Brighton Academy and our local universities, have provided volunteers for the Half Marathon, as well as certain university societies helping with bucket collections. If you’d like to find ways in which students at your school or college could gain experience through supporting The Sussex Beacon, please contact us.