More ways to support


At The Sussex Beacon, we’re always looking for innovative ways in which people can raise money and awareness to help us challenge stigma, promote independent living and improve health.

Below are just a few quirky ways in which people have fundraised for us; This list is not exhaustive and if you think you’ve got something you’d like to do for us that is a bit unusual, please contact us.

Recycle your phone

Donate your old mobile phone to one of our charity shops and we’ll recycle it for you. Phone recycling raises lots of money for charitable causes every year; if you’ve got a handset that’s been hanging around for too long, why not use it to raise money for The Sussex Beacon?

Donate antiques

Our shop staff have experience in selling antiques, both to dealers and at auctions. If you have an item that you believe is worth something, please contact us. We have great relationships with people within the local community who deal with antiques and these items always make great money for The Sussex Beacon.