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The Sussex Beacon is supported by a network of individuals who donate, give patronage and help to increase our profile both nationally and within the community.

Become a regular donor

A regular donor is an individual who has pledged to give a certain amount of money each week, month, or year, to help fund the work that we do. These regular or one-off payments can be set up here, or set up a standing order by downloading the form and posting it to us. If you would like assistance with setting up a regular payment, please get in contact.

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Other methods of support

Individuals can also lend their support by volunteering their time. We are always in need of volunteers to help with events and the running of our centre. You can give your time on a one-off basis, or sign up to give a bit of time every week, month or year. Many businesses offer their employees a number of days every year where they can do paid voluntary work.

Volunteering placements can also help individuals to add key skills to their CV, increasing their employability. We also work closely with the Job Centre and Probation Service. If you believe this to be the case with your contract and would like to see how those days could be put to good use with The Sussex Beacon, please contact us.