Who we work with

We work closely with the specialist HIV service at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, this includes the outpatient service (Lawson Unit) and inpatient ward. Our service has strong links with the community HIV nursing teams across Sussex and local mental health, psychological services and social services.

Together, we work to provide support and care for people living with HIV ensuring that we are a key part of the care pathway and promote integrated working.

The Sussex Beacon is a member of the Sussex HIV Network, Brighton and Hove Sexual Health Promotion & HIV Prevention Group, Brighton and Hove HIV Health and Social Care Group and Brighton and Hove Sexual Health Programme Board. All our nurses are part of the Sussex HIV Nurses Network.

How we work together

We work together by attending the weekly Community Multidisciplinary Meeting that is led by Community HIV Nursing Team and hospital teams. The Clinical Services Director also attends the Community HIV Nursing Team meeting on a regular basis.

Our consultant medical cover is provided by the Royal Sussex County Hospital and our physiotherapy and occupational therapy services are provided by Sussex Community Trust to enable continuity of care for patients.

Over the years we have developed strong working relationships with local NHS services to enable us to support local NHS services and be key part of care pathways.

Professional standards

To make sure that we provide the best services and care possible we have built strong working relationships with professional associations who promote excellence in HIV treatment and care. We work to British HIV Association and National HIV Nurses Association standards and participate in relevant audits to ensure that our treatment and care is evidence-based and reflects current practice.

Alongside this, we have developed strong links with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the RCN Public Health Forum raising the profile of both the organisation and HIV.

Find out more about these organisations here:

British HIV Association
National HIV Nurses Association
Royal College of Nursing

National and local charities

Within the HIV charity sector, we work alongside a number of national and local charities to promote partnership working and ensure that a range of services and information is available for people living with HIV and their partners, families and friends.

National charities include:

National AIDS Trust
Terrence Higgins Trust
Positively UK

Local organisations include:

Terrence Higgins Trust Brighton
Peer Action
Lunch Positive