Glowing feedback for The Sussex Beacon’s inpatient unit

The Sussex Beacon has received some glowing feedback from people with HIV who have recently used its inpatient unit.

In the survey, given to patients on discharge, 100% of people said that their needs were adequately met and they were treated with respect and dignity. Everyone surveyed also said that the staff were either good or excellent at explaining things clearly. When asked whether they felt they had benefited from their stay at The Sussex Beacon all respondents answered either ‘definitely’ or ‘greatly’.

Direct comments from those who have stayed at the inpatient unit included:

  • “I can only thank the staff for looking after me so completely during my stay. It is like staying with friends who care, willing to lend an empathetic ear when needed.”


  • With the help and friendliness of staff and other patients, I realise how socially isolated I had become and depressed. I now realise that I have a future again and my life is worth something. I cannot express how much this stay at The Beacon has benefitted me. Apart from a big smile!”


  • This was my first time ever admitted into such a wonderful professional place. I thought the staff deserve a medal for their outstanding caring professionalism. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for how I was treated.”

Simon Dowe, Chief Executive at The Sussex Beacon said, “Feedback like this makes me incredibly proud. Our staff are outstanding – caring, passionate and professional. Support is always tailored to individual needs and a lot of time is spent ensuring people are happy with the care they receive. Comments like this show we’re getting things right, which is great to hear.”

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